Fuel Cell Industrialization

Enabling Hydrogen Economy

Are you ready for the energy carriers of the future?

Anyone who wants to offer competitive products in the energy sector and in the field of mobile drive systems must develop system and industrialization competencies in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The increasing pressure for emission-free mobility and CO2 footprint reduction in all industrial sectors is sharpening the focus on hydrogen as an energy carrier. Although technical solutions for the generation, storage and conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy in the form of fuel cells and electrolysers have been around for a long time, these solutions are still not competitive due to their high manufacturing costs.

The main objective of the Fuel Cell Industrialization Center is to significantly improve the economic efficiency of these systems through an interdisciplinary, pre-competitive approach.



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29.02.2024 | Innovation hub for the industry

As an innovation hub for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, we network the relevant key players.

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23.11.2023 | Center Fuel Cell Industrialization hosts annual meeting

Our annual meeting with a project consortium consisting of 20 partner companies took place on November 14 and 15, 2023.

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15.07.2020 | Center „Fuel Cell Industrialization“ presents the first project results

The members of the Center Fuel Cell Industrialization (FCI) on RWTH Aachen Campus met at the beginning of July for their regular semiannual meeting.…

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