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The Center Fuel Cell Industrialization aims to form the nucleus of an interdisciplinary community and act as an innovation hub for the industrialisation of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in Germany and Europe.

The Center will facilitate the transition to the hydrogen economy – a future industrial use of hydrogen as an energy carrier – with ongoing technology management, joint research and development activities and standardization activities to enable the development of pilot plants and prototypes.

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The mission of the Center Fuel Cell Industrialization is to facilitate the transition towards competitive products in the sector for hydrogen and fuel cell technology by way of system and industrialization competences – in the energy sector and also in the sector for mobile drive systems.

An optimization of design and production technologies will play an important part in lowering the costs for fuel cells and electrolysers alongside their required infrastructure components.

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The core focus of the Center Fuel Cell Industrialization is the provision of an agile, interdisciplinary research platform for its members, which will allow a resource-efficient implementation of required development projects in the shortest time possible on the basis of a consortial cost-sharing approach. The following topics will be addressed here:

  • Mobile drive systems focusing on fuel cells
  • Stationary systems, especially electrolyzers
  • A holistic approach to issues along the value creation chain with special focus on industrialization:
    • Fuel cell and electrolyzer stacks
    • Peripherals for fuel cells and electrolyzers
    • Storage and transport of hydrogen


Center Directors and Management

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Dr. Myron Graw

Managing Director

Telephone: +49 241 51038-615
Email: myron.graw@fci.rwth-campus.com

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Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Henning Janssen

Managing Director

Telephone: +49 241 8904-261
Mobile: +49 173 9172 714
Email: henning.janssen@fci.rwth-campus.com

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