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Companies can enroll as members in the Center FCI Fuel Cell Industrialization. The center on RWTH Aachen Campus offers its members the following five benefit categories:

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Enrolled members have the following options at RWTH Aachen Campus based on their presence:
  • Use of shorter routes for the assembly of an interdisciplinary team of scientists
  • Knowledge exchange with other enrolled members and scientists
  • Recruitment of qualified experts
  • Target-oriented personal development opportunities
  • Attending and organizing of events
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  • Access to the community, extranet and online database
  • Annual kick-off meeting in March for the definition of concrete research and implementation projects
  • Regular discussions of project results in focus groups
  • Annual results symposia in November
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Research & Development

  • A broad range of research & development projects with focus on industrialization and reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Regular updates of the research catalog to match the rapidly evolving topic ‘hydrogen’
  • Concrete pilot projects for the testing of existing systems and components
  • Use of the facilities on RWTH Aachen Campus
  • Consortial research and development projects with members
  • Work groups dealing with select production and application scenarios
  • Standardization committees
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Further Education

  • Continuously updated application and technology monitoring
  • Large-scale online databases for relevant materials, components, products and processes
  • Monitoring of research tenders
  • Large number of focused knowledge projects in preparation for complex research projects
  • Knowledge-building and knowledge-sharing in technology fields like hydrogen production, storage and transport
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  • Community management of the regional research partners
  • Orchestration of the ever-expanding industry consortium
  • Coordination with other research networks
  • Service for the creation of research proposals
  • Mediation of research partners for bilateral requests